Working on Radio Rack Organization

With the arrival of the Collins HF-380 transceiver I’ve needed to re-think my radio rack organization.

My first stab was to put the HF-380 just above desk height, as my intent is to use the Collins in a completely manual mode.

This particular Collins is an original HF-380 rather than a converted KW-380, has all of the extras including the high duty cycle blower kit, keypad, speech processor, manuals, and original rack mount.  Even have a dedicated Collins issue HF-380 spare parts kit and full service manual, as if the radio would have been deployed somewhere very remote.

K9ZW rack in transition

From the top down:

  • Powered Speakers
  • Flex-6700 #2 transceiver
  • Teleport LP-700 monitor, AlphaSpid rotator control, tower height control
  • Flex-6700 # transceiver
  • Collins HF-380 transceiver
  • K9ZW rack in transition
  • Antenna Tuner – Palstar AT-auto
  • Power Distribution
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • Flex-PGXL Amplifier

Here are some closer pictures:

Bottom section


Middle section


Top section

I am very certain this setup is going to change.

Certain enough that I ordered two more racks, with one going to carry the HF-380, a stack of audio gear I want to experiment with, and other things that need to be visible/handy from my in-the-shack operating position.

This rack will become “things Flex & station automation.”

The third rack is destine for my Washington Island QTH, and will be configured differently as it will have a single Flex-6700 with a PGXL Amplifier with an antenna tuner.




One thought on “Working on Radio Rack Organization

  1. William Levy says:

    I have the same trouble. Moving things around. Got so frustrating I gave away 4 of my racks. Now only one left. HB 8877 domintates, HB Antenna Tuner, KWM380 with all mod cons HF’d and Harris 590. That about does it for the old stuff. Check out my QRZ page. N2WL

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