Iran’s Satellite perhaps a US Built University CubeSat?

Fellow ham Scott K4KDR’s found Iran’s NOUR 01 “satellite” in orbit by tracking its transmission.  He further researched what the “satellite” most likely is.

What is interesting is the “satellite” appears to be a COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) CubeSat designed and built in the USA!  Would appear that a 3U CubeSat (about 5-1/4 inch cube) was diverted to Iran and was flown largely with default configurations.

Read more at:

Some links about the CubeSat are:

Back in the 1970’s the first “PC” type computer I personally saw had been built by a group of engineering students at MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering), the group lead by a very clever & bright Iranian Engineer who came here as an exchange student. It is 100% certain they have smart people who could have built their own real satellite, but one would guess budget & infrastructure lead to the COTS CubeSat solution.

Wonder if Team Iran also included ham radio folk?



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