Let there be Light (in the Hamshack Workshop that is)!

Completed phase three in putting more light in the hamshack/workshop.

First three phases were:

  1. Replacing all old incandescent single bulb porcelain fixtures with three times the number of 4-ft LED fixtures in the main workshop.
  2. Replacing all old fluorescent 4-ft fixtures with two times the number of 4-ft LED fixtures in the actual hamshack area.
  3. Replacing the old windows which were not passing much light with new better windows in the actual hamshack area, and adding more windows.

The fourth phase was just completed – replacing the very opaque formerly translucent upper monitor side panels with new transparent panels, in the main workshop area.

The phase four transformation is profound! 

Old Translucent Panels


New Clear Panels – outside view


New Clear Panels – inside view

As the XYL commented, the added light makes my cleaning efforts look substandard.

Even in daylight if you turn on the added workshop LEDs the result is commercial workspace level lighting everywhere. Awesome!

A example LED Replacement with New Outlets where a porcelain fixture had been

I do have one issue with the new LED lights in the hamshack, as they are bright enough that the ceiling fans cause flickering as each blade gets between the particular LED and the main operating desk. Going to have to move a couple fixtures closer to the operating desk to end up on the nearer side of the fans.

I also did the house’s workshop with seven new 4-ft LED lights. There I left the porcelain single bulb fixtures by using a screw-in bulb-to-receptacle adapter. When the electricians are out again to do work I’ll let them check out the porcelain fixtures then.

Economics are affordable:

LED fixtures run about $20 to $40 each, depending on grade, ability to be dimmed, and whether they are cold space rated. 

The Screw-in inserts are cheap – a couple $ each.  Replacing the old single bulb fixtures with a plate and proper receptacle is likely to cost you $8-12/each in parts plus the electrician’s time if you hire it out.  Adding more wiring is a custom cost, depending on what is needed.  

The translucent panels are $2 to $4 a square foot locally, plus the installation labor.  




One thought on “Let there be Light (in the Hamshack Workshop that is)!

  1. Adam Strack says:

    You’ve inspired me with this to rethink my shack lighting. Currently fluorescent. My concern was around LED and QRN. 73 Adam KU9Z

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