Flagpole Vertical Antenna Progress – Stars & Stripes is Flying!


Flagpole flying the Flag- closeup – pole is 10m +/-tall

After much delay the Flagpole is physically up at the home QTH.

Originally I had ordered two Zero-Five Heavy-Duty Flagpole antennas with Heavy-Duty fold-over bases. The Island QTH has been up as a Flagpole for a while, but doesn’t have its radials in or feedline.  Link to Zero-Five is https://zerofive-antennas.com (my antennas are a special order item).

Here at the main home we struggled getting a solid base in for the flagpole, then it was a long wait for trenching to put in the underground conduits followed by yet another delay in pulling in the feedline due to a production error in the first cable.

Today (April 18th, 2020) the pole physically went up, was trued to vertical, and the first flag has been flown!

Flagpole flying the Stars and Stripes (pole is 300 ft out)

Assembling one of these is much simpler the second time around. I was able to do all the assembly and erection single handed.

Flagpole Assembly in the Workshop

Again the radials need to be installed. With a very good hardline feeding this antenna I am hoping for better than average performance.

At the base of the flagpole in a weatherproof junction box is the static bleed-off/lightning protection.

When the feedline was pulled I did pull some additional control wires, and 100vac power for future use.

Progress, but again not fully up and ready for radio use.




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