The Dawn of a New Era? How after the ChiCom Plague we will never go back again. Part 1

The Dawn of a New Era?  How after the ChiCom Plague we will never go back again – Part I.

There are many aspects of what we are experiencing with this Virus thing that will force a paradigm shift in our lives.  For those less familiar with the term “paradigm shift” it a systems generalist’s term to reflect a state change in a system that is largely irreversible.  The fundamental changes replace the former status quo with a new norm.

The magnitude of the changes from the ChiCom Plague are intellectually and emotionally a challenge, as between one’s normalcy bias and the inherent difficulty of making accurate observations from within the flames & smoke of a figuratively burning crisis, we don’t have a good perspective.

Some part of us hopes that the government and others in leadership roles will offer guidance, as if government was our parent and was somehow immune to the ChiCom Plague effects.

We hang politician’s words as if they were an oracle able to share their panacea solutions we’ve imagined are the providence of leadership due to their elevated positions.

If what they say is filtered in a way we agree, we support them, while it is filtered in a way that creates our disagreement we complain, often without reference to the factual underpinnings.

And we are truly lost sheep when those factual underpinnings evolve. 

All along we tend to forget why we are being spoken to in the first place.

When political types (“pols” forthwith) speak, they have several objectives to meet – provide the public with enough information to get the reaction needed to keep the public safe WHILE also not venturing too far into the “hair on fire” panic mode that will spread to public panic.

The worst character leadership has to deal with are those smart one who can figure out the picture but who are un/under-motivated to move towards the best community outcomes. Let’s call these “The Observant Ones.”

If “The Observant Ones” also have resources, or a public pulpit, they can end up costing more lives in aggregate than any they save raising a ruckus.

Other political practices neutralize their “The Observant Ones,” hence the famous gulags and eliminations. Their pols use strong arm or openly murderous practices to force their agenda.

Fortunately we as Americans don’t do much of that sort of thing, preferring to spar it out on the playing field of public opinion.

Circling back, one wonders is as hams will we be “The Observant Ones” faced with a deeper knowledge over time that if unwisely shared would cost more lives than might be saved?

Will our extra abilities to communicate with minimal interference from the pols be seen as a threat?

As radio amateurs the first sign that the game is going amiss is if we’re shut down or asked to self-censor. At that stage the game has been broken.

Ham’s as “The Observant Ones” also risk emotional damage from unbuffered information.

Panic and depression tend to cut the survival odds of anyone caught up and then lost in them.

Right now I suspect our own USA numbers do not account for the full impact of the ChiCom Plague. If one accounts for the “time shifts” in the stats to overlay outcomes against the cases reported when the people caught the disease, the numbers are sobering.

There is enough information to doubt the magnitude of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) reported numbers, as the CCP in its reporting to WHO and the world.  The CCP has presented “political numbers” when the man on the street can see more damage than reported.

Much time was lost when the CCP avoided their obligations to report in a timely fashion. That the CCP and the media it controls are revising history in near real time, including purging internet archives of anything unsupportive of their narrative confirms that the delays were intentional.

We will have to deal with the CCP issues later, as we have their ChiCom Plague to deal with in the here & now. 

This ain’t the end of the Wizard of Oz and we’re not going to ‘get back home’ like Dorothy with a few heel clicks.

More likely it will play out badly for a fair while, until we get a grasp on solutions.

Between the solutions and the aftereffects the paradigm shift will divide the post-ChiCom Plague era from the run-up and pandemic period. It won’t be the same again.

In my next ChiCom Plague post I start describing the paradigm shifts that look like they will stay.




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2 thoughts on “The Dawn of a New Era? How after the ChiCom Plague we will never go back again. Part 1

  1. Tristan says:

    Calling it the ‘chicom plague’ [is so] so clever and edgy.

    [T]he Chinese Communist Party … tried to down play it at the beginning.

    [A]ccuracy is needed to combat this global issue, unlike some governments.

    • k9zw says:

      Okay, so I edited Tristan’s CCP MSS party-line comment.

      Some guidelines folks – First you need to put your call sign. I had to search for Tristan callsign, which I’ve deleted from the public side as he might have had just a bad day.

      Second if you think your are going to take me to work shed for not matching your ideas, well it isn’t going to happen on my blog.

      Sorry that Tristan was the one to be made an example of by mistaking that he had the right to lecture the moderator/owner.

      My space so my rules.



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