What now? Got to get prepared for that Zombie Apocalypse!

This is not very Ham Radio orientated nor very COVID-19 responsive, but I did want to point out that the CDC folk do have a sense of humor (with a purpose too):

Q: Is it true that the Center For Disease Control published a document about surviving a Zombie Apocalypse?

A: The answer, surprisingly, is yes! As they say on their website, “What first began as a tongue-in-cheek campaign to engage new audiences with preparedness messages has proven to be a very effective platform. We continue to reach and engage a wide variety of audiences on all hazards preparedness via ‘zombie preparedness‘.”

Want to see what they have to say?

Check out this link: https://www.cdc.gov/cpr/zombie/index.htm

So there you have it – how to prepare for that Zombie Apocalypse!



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