This is not a Drill – COVID-19 Friday Night Net

Posted in several places on the internet is an invitation to a COVID-19 Voice Net.  Expect the folks Bushcrafter , American Partisan, WRSA and perhaps AmRRON may be part of this net.

Comm Plan.

Net Name – COVID Watch Net

Pri Freq – 7.243Mhz LSB
Sec Freq – 7.240Mhz LSB (down 3Khz)**
Alt Freq – 7.237Mhz LSB (down 3Khz)**

Start time – 0200Z Sat 28 Mar (27 Mar Fri 2100 CDT)

All stations be prepared to relay. Any station able to relay must be in
contact with NCS or Alt NCS. Use of amplifiers is desired.

**Net Control Station (NCS) moves to Sec Freq if Pri freq is
occupied or splatter is occurring at the NCS location. In the event the
Sec freq is occupied or is unworkable continue down to Alt frequency. If
Sec freq is used start time will be 2105z and if conditions require the
Alt freq use then start time will be 2110z. Minor adjustments in
operating freq may be required based on usage by other operators or nets.

End of Comm Plan.

As I am not much of a net person, I may not be on it.  Maybe just listening.



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