Paying Chinese Virus Attention – Logistics in a Ham’s World

Here we are Friday March 20th 2020 well into our response to the Chinese Virus pandemic.  An awful lot has changed and a lot is still the same.  Some summaries:

Direct Chinese Virus Responses:

Family and friends who are worried are as prepared as they can be for a “Staycation” if a shelter-in-place directive comes.  (Maybe I should say “when it comes”?)  Have some who are in denial and basically shutting down any discussion.  Hopefully among us we have a bit of extra to cover them when reality overcomes their sensibilities.  I’ve divided preparations between factual capabilities, feel-good capabilities and mental hygiene capabilities.  Examples of factual are the couple weeks of extra food, making sure prescriptions are filled, and bringing in anything we NEED to have a Staycation.  Feel-Good examples are figuring out how to maintain variety in diet while not being able to buy fresh, buying in some lumber for a workshop project I hadn’t intended to start until later this Spring, and filling all gas cans/tanks with fuel – things we WANT but perhaps really don’t need.  In the mental-hygiene class is after listening to each family member on what worries them – what in their mind moves WANTS to NEEDS in their minds – and sorting that out.  My mother relaxed a notch when family stocked ahead lots of reading and puzzle-books, the XYL when I dug out our old DVDs and a DVD player in case the internet (read:  lifeline of the 2020 Staycation) were to go down.  So the classes really are FACTUAL NEEDS, WANTS, and PERCEIVED NEEDS.

Our work team has been really hard at preparing with training, hygiene and some telework capabilities.  As the paying end of our work is field installed construction, the telework is support.  A dozen new laptops brought our capabilities up to current technology. We have one project management team member on voluntary quarantine having just returned from abroad, so he has been the telework test case.  As some hygiene products are not available in quantities needed for a commercial operation, we had a trained chemist come it to make the various sanitizers in the quantifies we need.  Our ICRA/ICAP (Infection Control Risk Assessment/Infection Control Action Plan) have been dusted off an updated.  

Ham radio side I’ve brought in everything I might need to continue station building during a Staycation.  As my QTH is rural I anticipate I will be able to roam my own property as long as I am healthy and maintain social distancing.  The electricians came in this week to pick off some low hanging fruit on their project list.  I’ve one remote station down because of unreliable power and internet, and another up an running.  I’ve actually taken a couple day hiatus from any operating as my time is spent preparing for a Staycation.

Labels and Rants

Like some sort of Monty Python sketch dialogue, I had a few fellow hams come unglued over the use of Chinese Virus.  I guess in their world they don’t eat Italian Sausage, Swedish Meatballs, or go to Mexican restaurant. 

Some of these complainers have good spell checkers as they are willing to label anyone they don’t like as a Xenophobe and Racist, while actually knowing zero about the person they are thinking they can castigate into a “woke hell.”

[Since this article has been posted some readers have taken the time to provide personal insults along with their complaints.  Not very impressive guys as this is exactly the poor behavior I’m writing about.] Edit 20MAR20

They apparently skipped the vaccination for the German Measles nor ever wore a Swiss Watch.  It isn’t like I was like National Public Radio’s reporter who called the Chinese Virus  the “Kung Flu” right to the president’s face. It was precious when the president asked her to repeat the phrase and she rolled out “Kung Flu” over and over.  To date the ONLY place I have heard anyone say Kung Flu is this NPR reporter.  

While it probably didn’t help that I suggested one of the no-Chinese label Hams was a “Libtard” the real issue is that they think they can play George Orwell with another ham. 

Well buster it doesn’t work that way – the Point of origin of the virus is China, and the long period of silence that they had a bad virus is the Chinese.  The Chinese own this one folks, so it remains the “Chinese Virus.”

Another regular correspondent has decided to become enraged that some government types (Senators at the moment) are being tried by the media with media allegations of insider trading.  As myself and my family make similar retirement investment adjustments based on open source information and investment adviser requests, I guess in their mind I am also somehow at fault for listening & acting on advice.  Perhaps some of us ignored our advisers and are bitter about it?  They’re really riled up about the media reports, and ready to start a civil war without the constitutional necessity and common courtesy of  a trial by court.  I’m not only unwilling to join them in a blood thirst call for a lynching but am dismayed with the level of discontent they are showing.  I sure understand their frustration of course, but I think we have much bigger fish to fry at the moment.  Time to keep focus.  I am cheered that he is one of the voices that will force any accountability efforts later, and that he said he was heading out to stock up.  

Pity Party Nonsense

Lead by Mainstream Media and Special Interest Groups, the endless stories that this group or another is being damaged by the Chinese Virus response misses the point.  In some way everyone is affected.  

Whether as a collective response or an individual response, we need to fix what we can – lighten the load as they say – but hand wringing and plaintive moaning isn’t the fix.  

Kennedy’s words about “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country” should be our mantra.  

I really care less that Nevada’s sex-workers have no paying sinners to fund them.  What I do care is that some people in Nevada are out of their jobs (however distasteful of a job it is) and need some help.  I can rally to a fellow human being in need, but recoil from a “who turned off my paying sin?”  

When our governor shut the schools rather than the media leading the way to finding solutions for every issue, they ran with plaintive moans about who will feed these children?  WE ALREADY KNEW THAT – it would be us collectively.  What wasn’t clear was how we would do it.  

Schadenfreude Mainstream Media (the Dark Side of MSM)

We have to remember that in media terms the old newspaper editor’s maxim that “It if Bleeds, It leads” remains their mantra.  

What is the difference between the National Enquirer and the New York Post?  The NY Post tries to put a veneer of respectability and use more polysyllabic words, otherwise they are the same tabloid reporting.

MS media is nothing about Truth, Wisdom or Facts.

It is about their return to investors – their profits. 

We know this truth, we even buy their shares as investments based on that knowledge, and like a groundhog seem surprise each and every time their duplicity is revealed. 

Guess that is somewhat normal free market economics, and we have seen how public money creates distortions like the “Kung Flu” NPR .

Where it goes amiss is when we let MSM tyrant over competitors.  Market share is meant to be earned rather than bullied. 


Steve K9ZW


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