Ham Radio in a New Chinese-Virus World

This evening, at the end of the first day of the Chinese-virus National Emergency, once the tasks at hand settled down there is a few moments to reflect on ham radio.

Following the declaration of the National Emergency locally our Wisconsin Governor shut all schools for about a four week initial period, the nursing home my mother is in went to complete lock-down making the lunch we shared on Wednesday a special event, my work team looked to me for leadership in several ways, our college aged sons appeared – one to stay as his finishes his last degree coursework online and one to stock up and return to his apartment,  we started reaching out to the elderly & fragile among our friends who lack family to help asking if they needed anything, and hours were spent preparing communications to employees.

We learned of the first of our friends in Europe coming down with the Covid-19 Chinese Virus.  They are pretty sick by usual flu standards, but we’re hopeful they will be fine.

Calls were made to our Europe based elderlies, who admitted they have apartments in their complex under quarantine though whether the other folk have a regular flu or the Chinese Virus hasn’t been disclosed.

At a week shy of 90 years old and the other a few years younger they are at high risk if they come down with anything, and the virulent Chinese Virus will be lethal for them.  The XYL was supposed to be with them this month, with my flying into England for a week to join in the 90th Birthday party, but we canceled at the start of Chinese Virus outbreak.  That decision was easier for me to make as even with my decades old NBC training (Nuclear Biological Chemical) I was concerned enough to suggest a delay.

Given that the XYL would now be faced with returning to several weeks of quarantine while being very limited in providing any help to her parents I can truly say there was no good or right answer to be found to question whether to travel or not.

Coordination was worked out with the computer techs for the ten new laptop computers ordered to arrive early next week to update my work team’s ability to work away from the office.

And those communications the employees need were done using our internal company APP, and notes started for an outside meeting early Monday.

So how does ham radio fit in?  I again ran background FT8 operations while at my office.   Even though FT8 isn’t very exciting, I wasn’t unhappy getting a few QSOs while watching the interleaving dance of an FT8 session.

The stability of a disciplined process doing FT8 QSOs was comforting in the midst of a bit of turmoil.

If I end up in quarantine and we’ll enough to operate a radio, I’d hope to spend much time on SSB contacts but while multitasking FT8 will have to do.

Stay healthy and 73


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13 thoughts on “Ham Radio in a New Chinese-Virus World

  1. radioartisan K3NG says:

    Chinese virus? I didn’t know viruses had nationalities or citizenship. I guess we should have built a wall or asked for its passport.

    • k9zw says:

      Hi Anthony K3NG

      The Chinese lost security of an engineered virus, so they own it.

      When they started claiming it was a Bioweapon the USA released on them, the now own the naming as well.

      “The screwed-around and got caught” as the saying says.

      Unfortunately their “clap” is now all of ours.

      But its still their “clap.”



      • radioartisan says:

        I Googled (well, actually DuckDuckGoed) “Chinese engineered COVID-19” and nearly all the top hits were fringe conservative sites. No major news organizations were on the first page. Not even conservative opinion outlet Fox News. Let’s check Snopes. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/chinese-intelligence-coronavirus/ They say it’s false.

      • k9zw says:

        Hi Anthony K3NG

        You are welcome to be an apologist for the Chinese of course, but doing web search is far from conclusive evidence.

        The known origins are Chinese geographically.

        The claimed Bat-Soup narrative has been debunked by the Chinese Foreign Office when they started claiming someone “did it to them.” They lied and to make claims have walked that back.

        The claims that China notified the WHO within days have been again debunked by science, as the origins appear to be a breakout in mid-November 2019, not days before a end of December 2019 origin.

        Several world wide science sources point out the double gene splice as something never observed naturally.

        None of the reservoir population of the claimed carrier animals have been found to actually be carriers in the wild population.

        If you’ve ever worn and trained with full MOP suit, you may remember some of the training to help discern the difference between nature and a biological/chemical attack? If you haven’t trained there are enough unclassified resources on the web to add to your personal knowledge.

        You might start with the https://web.archive.org/web/20070609104204/http://www.usamriid.army.mil/education/bluebookpdf/USAMRIID%20BlueBook%206th%20Edition%20-%20Sep%202006.pdf which is dated but still useful.

        My naming the Covid-19 as the Chinese Virus is largely apolitical, as they lost control of the originating agent (which we can argue until we are blue in the face) AND they hushed it up until it was uncontainable (which most would agree appears factual).

        They politicized it by suggesting it was sabotage, which few are agreeing as possible.

        Whether they made it and lost it, or stole it and lost it, in the end they lost it and covered it up until they couldn’t cover it anymore.

        Keep safe and 73


      • radioartisan says:

        A web search is not a conclusive study, but if your claims had any foundation in the truth there would be considerably more substantial and credible organizations documenting it.
        Calling it “Chinese” is indeed very political. It’s no secret the current administration leverages xenophobia to its advantage. Labeling it Chinese is merely yet another dog whistle term to incite the base. It’s no coincidence that the Chinese label on COVID-19 has taken hold in US conservative circles, and no where else in the world. Now we have organizations like the Heritage Foundation with talking heads wearing suits and ties talking about it, putting lipstick on a xenophobic and racist pig.

      • k9zw says:

        Hi Anthony K3NG

        Basing your “research” on search rankings is not a useful methodology.

        China unleashed this virus, so it is the “Chinese Virus” in my writings. My webspace, blog and that’s it.

        If you have a bone about other websites, various foundations that upset you, or with the government, take your ranting to them. My space isn’t the right place to go all Libtard in public.

        Covid-19 = Chinese Virus in this ham’s eyes.

        BTW on the link I suggested, read the section on separating Natural Outbreaks from Biowarfare. Lay the recognized information onto that decision tree. The calculations do not support an innocent origin for the Chinese Virus.

        Arguing about the origins or that you don’t like my name for the Chinese Virus, really doesn’t matter as much as getting your ducks in a line to weather both the real effects and the amplification widespread fear adds to the real effects.

        What can we do for others has a special meaning when the chips are down, or when we are fearful.

        Now is the time to help others and take care of those close to us.

        GL, wash those hands and 73,


      • k9zw says:

        FYI – Our own leaders have adjusted their rhetoric to “Chinese Virus.”

        Donald J. Trump

        The United States will be powerfully supporting those industries, like Airlines and others, that are particularly affected by the Chinese Virus. We will be stronger than ever before!

        So should we.

        For the sensitive among us, reflect on some of these naming conventions “Spanish Flu,” and “German Measles.”

        We use ethnic based naming for lots of stuff, both good and bad. So get over it while your quaff your “Swiss Roll” after a salad with either “French Dressing” or “Italian Dressing” and a plate of “Swedish Meatballs” – all potentially charged naming conventions that we have become accustomed to. We even call mumbling confusing language “Double Dutch” and nobody has any confusion what will be the typical menu when the go to Chinese, Mexican, Italian, or other national-themed resurants.

        So it is the “Chinese Virus” that we are being sickened with, plain and simple.



      • radioartisan K3NG says:

        Attempt to justify it in your mind however you want. It’s still a conservative echo chamber dog whistle term, parroted by conservative media outlets to rally the xenophobes and racists around Donald Trump, a failing and crooked president who can’t deal with this crisis, a crisis he called a hoax a short time ago. Calling someone the pejorative term “libtard” and then trying to jump from the low road to the high road by feigning empathy and melodramatically saying we should help each other doesn’t do anything to bolster your false claims that this was a Chinese-engineered virus or justify your label flinging. This is obviously a fact-free zone here, your space, as you put it. After being called a libtard it’s pointless to attempt to engage you in this intelligent discussion façade of a forum. You’re free in your own space to embrace all the alternative-fact absurdities you like and feel good about worthless inflammatory labels and cloaked racism with whatever conservative pseudo-intellectual propaganda and nationalism you want to wrap it in. Atrocities in history were often justified in just this manner. Congratulations on being a willing participant.

      • k9zw says:

        Anthony you earned the Libtard label when you started calling anyone who you didn’t like a Xenophobe and Racist.

        You’re welcome to post what you would like on Amateur Radio, but on politics in my webspace you are now shut down.

        I think we all have more important things to do at the moment than disagree over the labeling of the Chinese Bombshell they dropped on the world, and tried to hide for nearly two months.

        I have enjoyed today watching the MSM Libtards heads all but exploding at the administration’s use of “Chinese Virus.”

        Calling a Spade a Spade is needed to bring clarity, and I welcome the directness.

        73 and back to radio topics,


  2. Layne says:

    I notice a spike in Ham radio activity on all bands. This is a GOOD thing! Layne AE1N

  3. Paul K3FU says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog for updates about software-defined radios and on-line amateur radio forum etiquette. Here’s hoping that the ham community can keep its heads during this crisis, and emerge at the end of it returning to discussion of more mundane topics. Those that maintain the spirit of mutual loyalty and brotherhood/sisterhood in our ranks.

  4. This is just the first. More and nastier viruses will come in the future. And regardless of whom or where you blame, we have better be prepared next time!
    Layne AE1N

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