A Ham’s Focus on what they can Control

When multiple paradigm-shifts occur together it becomes a bit overwhelming to focus on what is stable and what you can control/influence.

Right now there is a lot of shifting going on – the virus thing, the economic wobbles, some contrived political stuff, and some real political direction issues.  Usually one also has a bunch of personal & family level issues on an ongoing basis adding to the aggregate changes.  Those would be elderly issues, health issues, family newcomers (births & relationships), family exits (deaths & cancelled relationships), economic challenges/changes (getting/changing jobs) and if of a certain age retirement planning.  

All add up to a lot of change to manage at once.

Perhaps one additional stable reference point among the constants in one’s life would be the ability to communicate via ham radio?

That ability to communicate out of chaos introduces a mighty fine palliative to one’s weathering the storm. 

I have ham friends who are very regular on nets, hardly missing checking in on numerous daily/weekly nets.  They enjoy the regularity while finding the contacts rewarding.  They can tell you about various net participants, often with either health or adventure stories.  Sadly discussing one’s poor health in a reactive sense becomes a substitute for pro-actively planning for future adventures.  

It would seem I am pondering what I might do if home quarantined yet healthy?

i would think I would continue my station building and normal operating, perhaps adding a few nets and certainly more phone operations.  

I have a goodly stash of books on hand that I would like to read and a list of movies that I would like to see.  

If I was unwell I’m anticipating a pretty quiet quarantine.  But again I think there may be some chances to get on the air a bit.  

All things in my control.  


Steve K9ZW

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