Ham Radio and Coronavirus – hardly a peep?

WIth the W8S Swains Island DXPedition pushed out to fall in response to the Coronavirus precautionary quarantine (See Jeff KE9V’s write up at https://ke9v.net/2020/02/23/due-to-pandemic/ ) what else are you hearing about the Coronavirus of substance on the Ham bands?

I had hams email me if I was aware of any Coronavirus response frequencies being used. They had read my prior postings: https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2020/02/17/lets-talk-on-the-radio-but-perhaps-put-off-eyeball-qsos-for-a-bit-a-hams-response-to-the-coronavirus/ and https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2020/01/31/infections-like-coronavirus-and-ham-radio/ and I had to tell them I had heard of no special frequencies in use.

What might be the cause for this?

I’m thinking the reasons that we hear little on the Ham bands are several:

  • When people are that sick they are not going to be on the radio
  • Some hams are involved in other response aspects and are busy
  • The response is “not that sort of response” being slower methodical response than a ham-ready “action based response”
  • Normal means of communicating are all intact
  • Most of us have no direct access to new first hand information worth sharing
  • Specific patient information has HIPPA aspects in play
  • In some locations speaking out about what is actually happening is discouraged/forbidden

Now you can hear some folk talking about their pet theory, but that is the entertainment side of ham radio and far from serious information transfer.

As I wrote in a comment to Jeff KE9V’s article “Personally I have scrubbed my 2020 Dayton Hamvention plans and I’ve been encouraging the expo team for a trade association convention later this year to make sure they have a viable “travel-less convention” option as their Plan-B fallback.”  But neither plan required any serious on -air bandwidth.

What have you heard?




4 thoughts on “Ham Radio and Coronavirus – hardly a peep?

  1. eddie Roberts KC5TER says:

    Have heard off and on chatter on 160 meters about cancelled events in certain areas of the country.

  2. Mike KK4BHS says:

    our Georgia ares group has a health and wellness check ins on dstar as well as hf every night at 7pm est. Google Georgia ARES for the website with list of times frequencies etc.

  3. Layne Lab says:

    What a wonderful hobby we have! Let’s help the myriad of new licensees on they way!
    Layne AE1N

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