Creating Durable Systems – Work Stations and Operator Comforts and Shack Water/Waste

Creating Durable Systems within the K9ZW Main QTH Shack is a series started with:

The Work Stations and Operator Comforts and Shack Water/Waste system can be broken down further:

  • Shack Heat
  • Shack Cooling
  • Water
  • Toilet
  • Vermin Control
  • Security

The needs for its final build-out, testing and commissioning include:

  • Shack Heat – Primary Furnace just replaced Feb 2020, Backup is Electric Heaters
  • Shack Cooling – Primary A/C (older unit) put into properly location Fall 2019, Backup is Windows
  • Water – Primary is seasonally piped from well or bottled, Backup is bottled
  • Toilet – Primary is an Electric Combustion unit installed in 2019, Backup is walk to main house
  • Vermin Control – Primary is systematic exclusion (2019) with Backup of traps
  • Security – Primary is a monitoring system (2019) and Backup is a seismic intrusion detector

In way of documentation to make future troubleshooting and repairs easier the links are:

  • Service Manuals and consumable spares are in the hamshack.
  • Links to service manuals are in my cloud storage.
  • Additional drawings need to be completed on certain pipe routing information.

My system is built of:

  • Williams wall furance
  • GE A/C unit
  • Incincolet Toilet
  • Redacted Security Equipment and Military Surplus Seismic gear

In terms of Redundancy/Backup/Failure Options:

If Primary and Backup options fail, but shack remains good for equipment, station can be run remotely.

  • Most single item failures can be replaced or covered with portable gear (space heaters, another A/C unit, a Port-a-potty, Water Jugs, Trailcams…)



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