Revisiting LoTW (Logbook of the World)

LoTW (Logbook of The World) when it first came out was not a great experience.

Back in its early days I tried, and basically gave up.

Well like all things in heavy use, LoTW has gotten a lot better.

Using the ARRL link I decided I would knuckle-down and see if I could get things going.

I found LoTW much easier and much quicker than in the day.

As a starter it took only a day to get my main certificate approved, that is so much better than the weeks plus postcards sent in the mail stuff back in the day.

Uploading logs was also way easier. I upload a bit over 10,000 QSOs, and now need to dig into my scattered electronic records to see how many more QSOs I can upload.

Initial match was pretty decent, at about 60%. I hadn’t expected that high of a confirmation.

I have been prompted to link my prior DXCC awards, but I think I may have to call the ARRL on that one. I had a printout but haven’t seen it in years, and with everything being upended moving… well I think call might be quicker.

I have to explore the awards part, as initial blush it seems that LoTW wants money for something to do with the awards I’ve qualified for.  Will decide if the vanity is worth the expense down the road, as my motivation was to satisfy my QSO partners who have requested our QSO be confirmed by a LoTW “QSL.”  I’m also seeing a lot less countries, as my original DXCC was all cards and who knows if those QSOs made it to LoTW.

I’ll also have to configure my software to post to the LoTW automatically, as I will certainly not remember to do it very often if it is a manual operation.  There is a part about doing entry from multiple computers I’ll have to dig into.



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