Revisiting one’s Go-Kit

Following up on a request that would use my main go-kit that didn’t result in an actual need to use my equipment, I decided to “play radio” with the gear.

First I found that some of my gear was disorganized following our QTH move.  My bad – my real bad!  As a convenience in the house move things got split up.

Second I found some of my gear was not-deployment ready.  Either just didn’t work, or because I had let it sit too long needed servicing to be usable.

Third and last, anything rechargeable simply wasn’t charged.

Now the resolution wasn’t all that awful – gather up my gear, test & replace anything not go-kit ready from other back items, and put things on charge.

But it sure wasn’t anywhere near the “grab-n-go” ready state I had been thinking I had.

Long term some thing are going to change.

  • The go-kits are going to be simplified to more robust gear.  Most likely the radios will change in the process to something more robust.
  • Testing (and charging) are going onto my homestead calendar of chores.
  • Everything for a single go-kit is being color-coded.
  • A laminated inventory is being attached to each go-kit, including a prominent display of number of things needed (1 of 3 Blue Go-Kit, 2 of 3 Blue Go-Kit…)  So I can quickly see if I need three grab-items for a go-kit and whether I have all three.
  • Each ‘grab-item’ is getting a playing card set of laminated green and red readiness cards.  The red hangs out until I’ve checked & rechecked readiness against notes, then the red goes inside the “grab-item” and the green comes out-  If there is an inspection/charge date to be observed, the green card gets that written on it in grease marker.
  • Everything in the go-kit get tested in actual use annually.
  • Go kits are being standardized, so I could in a pinch use parts of one with another.
  • An optional extra part to each kit will include a solar panel and cabling to recharge that kit, and some general maintenance items.

And yes I have more than one kit, leaving them at each main station QTH.

More as I think further on being truly “ready!”



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