Who are you Inspiring in Amateur Radio today?

Recently I had another old guy in amateur radio make a point of telling me that “I don’t inspire him.”

As I neither know the fellow nor am I certain very many of us once we reach a certain age are capable of being inspired, and I know I certainly never knew he wanted someone to reach out to inspire him, I’m not surprised with his statement.

But it did put me to thinking, who do we each inspire to take up amateur radio? Who do we inspire to hone and test their skills?

Shamefully I think my interpersonal interactions have been more informational and encouragement, and have never approached a level that would be widely seen as inspirational.

More shamefully I’m not alone being too quiet in my hobby enthusiasm.

So I’ve taken up the mantle of doing a bit more.

As quick “low hanging fruit” exercise in Ham Radio publicity I took the latest 100 incoming QSL cards I’d received on tour.  Whether visiting elderly relatives in nursing care or to the gym for a workout, the QSO card pack went with me as a “show-and-tell” item to be the “ice breaker” to start a conversation about ham radio.

I’ve found that many people have never seen QSL cards, and they really enjoyed asking about where the cards came from, whether I really had a radio contact with these people, and how I did it?

It has really been fun, at least with the first roughly 20 folks I showed this fairly ordinary set of QSL cards to.

Okay, I have to admit that while I was able improve ham radio awareness, that I didn’t particularly inspire anyone – at least I haven’t inspired them yet.

But I did move their Ham Radio awareness from at best neutral to thinking ham radio is fun.  I’ll take that as my uninspiring win for the effort!

So, what have you done to inspire someone – anyone – in terms of ham radio?

I’m all ears for suggestions, though I think for a few weeks I will continue to do this QSL Card show-and-tell routine.



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