Midnight Design Solutions Phaser 20m FT8 Transceiver Kit Has Arrived

The week of December 9th 2019 I ordered one of Dave Benson’s K1SWL’s newest kit designs, Midnight Design Solutions Phaser, in the 20m version, along with an enclosure kit.

The kits arrived on January 10th 2020, earlier than originally predicted or expected.

Here is look inside a a Phaser:

Midnight Design’s Phaser FT8 Transceiver

These radios are single band designs, and the main FT8 frequency for the band is fixed, while an alternative frequency is defined but can be used modified. Actually it appears that the programming will work out of band, but the filtering & circuits not so much.

The front panel is about as clean as it comes, though I understand some builders are adding another LED to indicate when the unit is transmitting. The location for the added LED is at the pointy end of the arrow graphic:

Midnight Design’s Phaser Enclosure

I’m anticipating a mid-February delivery of a second Phaser with enclosure kit I ordered in 17m.

Here is the kit’s link:


Now if the weather really drops into the single digits (lower than -12.8c for those who like the other scale) my outside station work will come to a halt, and I think it will be time to unpack the electronic kit building equipment and get this 20m unit on the air.



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One thought on “Midnight Design Solutions Phaser 20m FT8 Transceiver Kit Has Arrived

  1. Gwen Patton NG3P says:

    Yes, I’m going to try the transmit indicator mod. I suggested it to George. When you’re configuring a piece of software to get it to key up, you shouldn’t have to connect a meter to a component to see if it’s transmitting. It’ll make things easier.

    I’m really liking my 40m Phaser, but I’m really looking forward to Spring so I can start taking it out to parks, and try to do some POTA activations with it. (And probably my 40m QCX, too.)

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