Creating Durable Systems within the K9ZW Main QTH Shack

Creating Durable Systems within the K9ZW Main QTH Shack is going to be a challenge.

By “system” I mean to break into management units the various components of the new QTH:

  • Tower/Tower Control
  • Rotator/Rotator Control
  • Hexbeam Antenna
  • Sloper Antenna
  • Flagpole Vertical Antenna/Radials
  • Receive RBOG Antenna Array/Controls
  • Guest Antenna Point
  • Tower Bulkhead Power, Ground, and Internet
  • Flagpole Courtesy Power
  • Guest Antenna Point Internet
  • HF Amps
  • HF Transceivers
  • Guest HF Transceiver Point
  • Station Monitor
  • Audio Input Microphones/Preprocessing
  • Computer Network
  • Computers
  • Audio Output/Speakers
  • Transceiver Power
  • Accessory nominal 12 vdc Power
  • Accessory nominal 5 vdc Power
  • Accessory nominal 24 vdc Power
  • Antenna Tuners/Couplers
  • Vintage Station and Integration
  • Geochron and Mapping
  • Logging

  • Grounding and Ground Loop Reduction
  • Standby Power/Battery Power Buffering
  • Feedlines and Antenna Switching
  • Other Station Automation
  • Station Environmental HVAC
  • Emergency Shut-Offs/Fire Fighting/First Aid
  • Physical Security/Alarm System
  • Monitoring and Cameras with Remote Systems
  • Seismic Sensors
  • Software, Software Licensing and Alternatives
  • Redundancy/Backups
  • Planned Work-Arounds for Choke Point Components
  • Work Stations and Operator Comforts
  • Shack Water/Waste
  • 2m Transverter/Amp and Antenna System

Each system can be broken down further, needs to have it final build-out, testing and commissioning.

Along the way I want to do enough documentation to make troubleshooting and repairs easier.

More on each System to follow.




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