Tower Bulkhead to the Tower Itself – Bridging the Gap

All the undergrounds for the new tower terminate at the Tower Bulkhead, which is offset from the tower hinge-access axis and about 8 feet away to basically keep out of the way.

Cables to cross that gap are:

  • 220 vac tower motor power cable
  • nominal 24 vdc plus control wires cable for the tower motor control
  • 24  vdc rotator plus azimuth control cable
  • CAT6e-type Rotator Genius control cable
  • future provision for a CAT6e cable for future IoT use
  • 110 vac utility outlet power cable
  • 3 feed lines for the Hexbeam (Belden 9913F7) with rotation loopage
  • 1 feed line for the Sloper (Belden 9913F7)
  • future provision for additional feedlines for additional antennas
  • Ground-cable to normalize the potentials

I make it as ten “whips” to cross the gap, and provisions for two or more future whips.

Ideally all of these cables should be grouped in a way to avoid cross interference. So one big bundle isn’t going to work out.  Thinking four sets – Ground, Feedlines, Power and Control/Internet for the groups.

At ground level, other than the ground strap (which might end up actually buried) I’d like to avoid any cables crossing the gap at that level.

Literature suggests maintaining a 12 inch or greater separate between classes as preferable.  So I am thinking three cascading parrot-head/physical supports to keep the cable groups separate.

All would run overhead, with at least 8 ft clear to avoid equipment and animals on top of possible winter snows.

Going to have to spend some time looking at the situation to work out an efficient layout.

By code the power will need some extra attention and protection, which may be easier if I involve the electrician to sort that part out.

Each of the other groups I can envision coming across bound in a bundle before being broken apart for distribution at the tower side.



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