Did you notice December 2019’s Post-per-Day?

For December 2019 With Varying Frequency had a post every day. Well nearly every day, as the posting technology didn’t release my planned post on one day.  It is there now, but somehow was “lost” for a few days.

So I posted “nearly” every day in December 2019, and may have a couple days with double posts.  And I posted one article into the ether somehow, though it did show up later.

Yes I had a lot stored up I wanted to share, but I also wanted to experiment with a month of a Post-per-Day production rate.

For a while I will be going back to regular but not regularly-spaced posts, at a rate of less than a Post-per-Day.

Combination of anticipated extra professional workload and to free up some time to get the new station on the air and the expected shake-down process as so many new systems are brought on-line.

I also have some work travel to squeeze in as well.

So it will be regular but not daily posts for a while.



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