Ground to Ground – Station Grounds

Station grounding is the “secret sauce” that often separates a great station from an otherwise good station.

In the new K9ZW Main QTH build a fair bit of ground thought has been incorporated.

The soil types range from disturbed common fill to undisturbed clay-base topsoil some 6 to 8 foot deep over a very thick layer of glacial till and boulders.

Typical Wisconsin Lakeshore-County conditions, less the usual sand layers & dunes.

At every bulkhead a series of full sized copper ground rods are bonded together.

“Crows Feet” ground fields, that perhaps look like fractals are planned at the tower, though initially only a few fill sized ground rods are in.

The final grounding fields will come off of four tie-ins to the tower, and will have another 12 full sized ground rods beyond the first ones already in.  The layout will put rods about 1-1/2 times the road lengths apart.

At the vertical flagpole antenna two full sized copper rods are already in, and the six “winter radials” will be replaced with forty wire radials when spring weather allows.

At the Woodland Antenna point a single full sized copper ground rod is in.

At the shack four full sized rods went in and will have to suffice.

At all bulkheads the ground is brought to a grounding buss.

In use testing and field measurements of actual ground as the station is put into commission will guide any further augmentation.

Hoping the initial plan is “well grounded” enough!



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