SteppIR SARK-110 Antenna Analyzer – Rejuvenated

Back in September I bought from SteppIR a SARK-110 Antenna Analyzer – promoted as a combination SWR Meter, TDR, and Antenna Analyzer.

Actually a sort of pocket single-port Vector Network Analyzer.

SARK-110 Stock Photo

As mention the unit I purchased wasn’t working for me. And I initially had some troubles getting SteppIR’s attention, though they came on like the professionals our hobby recognizes them as when I did catch their attention.

Out of the box the device lighted up, and after a charge basically did nothing.

After doing the recommended field verification, I sent the unit back to SteppIR for their checkout.

In the process I did learn that my physically unit was built in 2018, though initially sporting an older firmware package. I was wrong thinking the unit was a 2017 unit.

SteppIR was successful in resetting my unit, installing the very latest firmware and running their hands-on tests.

Because the test, upgrade and reset process overwrites the old firmware and information, they were not able to figure out why the wasn’t working.

While the diagnostics would be nice, having the unit returned to operating condition is MUCH NICER. As my unit’s situation it not being reported and may be a one-off, I am very hopeful the returned unit will be a useful tool in ham shack.

Here are some linkson the Sark-110:

There are some open-sourced projects similar to the Sark-110, but I’ve shied away from them as you usually have to build a kit and support like SteppIR’s and Melchor EA4FRB’s wouldn’t be there.

More on the SARK-110 as I put it to use.



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