CAD vs Sketching for Bulkhead Design in the Ham Shack

Working through bulkhead design I had to decide whether to do CAD representations, or whether to Sketch & “Play Barbie?” By “Playing Barbie” I’m meaning the process where with cardboard sized to match each bulkhead and pieces of paper sized to reflect the size – AND the required clear space needed – for each component one builds a physical model.

There is no need to create reference drawings for any external purposes. But I do want reference documents for my own use, future maintenance and troubleshooting.

Yet my CAD skills are rusty, as I mostly gained them decades ago with products like VCadd, GenericCAD, and some European equivalents. That was when most commands were a key combination – Ctril-Shift-something to set something. I have a licensed copy of VisualCADD and in my office there are licensed AutoCAD versions in use. But I’m way rusty and in AutoCAD’s case I’m not trained.

So I’m going to “Play Barbie” by sketching and cutting out representations that will be physically laid out.

When I have each bulkhead design settled, I will make reference documentation by using my cellphone to photograph both the final representation and sketches, and by taking photos of the as-built bulkheads.

And I’ll be using task skills I’m not in training at to get things done.



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