Listening to your Tower

Using ex-Military sensors I’m going to run a short term “Tower Listening Session.”

A PSR1 Geophone will let me have a listen to what is happening at the tower.


The way the sensor works is it responds to 5 to 20 Hz sub-audio energy and the rest of the unit converts it to an alert signal and lets the operator “listen” to a frequency-multiplied representation of the signal.

A pretty comprehensive reference on these types of units can be found at:

I often get surplus items like this from JRH Enterprises, as I value their curating and culling out bad gear from what they resell. You can find them at:

If I get some joy using the Geophones, I hope to correlate what is heard with power movement and wind conditions. Won’t know until I try it if I can develop anything useful out of the experiment.



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