Winter Delays – What can and What cannot be done at the K9ZW Shack

Weather is playing a big issue with getting everything up and running at the new K9ZW Main QTH.

Various delays, including poor summer and autumn weather have pushed work into winter that was expected to be done before the first snowflake fell.

I have plenty of inside work building-out the final radio rack and operating position.

But outside there is so much to do, and much is limited by working weather and available daylight.

Absolutely weather-deferred are:

  • Permanent radials for the vertical
  • RBOG array
  • Extra Antennas
  • Final Tower Grounding Array

Weather dependent are:

  • Wiring and testing the Rotator system
  • Building the Hexbeam
  • Putting up the Sloper
  • Temporary radials for the Vertical

Somehow the weather and my schedule are not well synced either, as days when the temperature & conditions favor outside work are falling on work days.



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