The Final Pull – Underground Cables are In!!

After waiting for a replacement hardline assembly that had been inadvertently fabricated incorrectly at the factory, all major underground cables are pulled and ready for hook-up.

The last set was a 9913F7 feedline (unassigned), with two RG6 receive feedlines, and several control cables to the Woods antenna site where the RBOGs and a test antenna connection site are, plus the more important  & delayed 1/2 inch hardline to the flagpole vertical.

Everything put in is brought to the Ham Shack bulkhead box with the shack-side terminations.

I’m hoping to borrow a “splicing tent” and heater – the gear the phone company guys use when they have to do fine work in winter out at your street side junction box – to make it more comfortable building out the various bulkheads.  I’d like to avoid temporary work, but if it stays in the teens or lower (which is -10c or colder – it is -17c as I type this post) I may temporarily install certain things pending final work when it is nice weather outside. [Edit: Temperature has risen to above freezing as this published, so looking for all available daylight hours where I can escape from other duties to get some outside work done in fair weather. ]



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