Midnight Design Solutions Phaser 20m FT8 Transceiver Kit Ordered

Last week I ordered one of Dave Benson’s K1SWL’s newest kit designs, Midnight Design Solutions Phaser, in the 20m version.

Excited about a kit that also catches the current fad of FT8 by design.

Ordered their neat looking enclosure kit as well.

I’ve built Dave K1SWL designed kits in the past with great success. He does a great job of builder-friendly designs.

Here is look inside a 40 or 80m build:

Midnight Design’s Phaser FT8 Transceiver


These radios are single band designs, and the main FT8 frequency for the band is fixed, while an alternative frequency is defined but can be used modified.

As low power unit, at 4 watts, the Transceiver maybe useful on PSK as well.

The enclosure is built from red-masked circuit boards, and is clever. It is soldered together, and I think some traces are used in the design.

The front panel is about as clean as it comes:


Midnight Design’s Phaser Enclosure

I’m anticipating a mid-January kit delivery which should give me neat project to do one of the cold winter weekends.

Whether I operating beyond testing once built is a question.  I may pass it on to one of my sons, as they are all hams but inactive.

Maybe I’ll end up building two more to give them each one?

Or maybe I’ll lend this one out, and if they “bite” by showing interest send them a kit they can build, while the loaner gets passed to the next son?  They all built their own stereo systems as pre-teens, so they certainly could do this kit.

Here is the kit’s link:




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