Jeff KE9V is Back Blogging

Jeff KE9V is a long time ham radio blogger, author, podcaster and good guy, has restarted blogging.

This go around is about his UHF/VHF adventures as they unfold.

Jeff KE9V run his projects and then takes them down when he ready to do something different on the web, so forewarned that his blog is ephemeral remember to save anything you want to save for your future use. Of course Jeff KE9V retains his creator’s copywriter, so get his permission for anything other than your personal archive.

Long Forgotten Echos and Cornbread Row are some past KE9V projects that perhaps with encouragement he might repost.  I particularly like the Podcast Cornbread Row, as such clever talent is rare and uncommon.

As I’m a bit marginal on some of the UHF/VHF activity as I’ve never had an Elmer show me the ropes of UHF/VHF I will check Jeff KE9V’s blog regularly to see what I can learn.

If you stop by or talk with Jeff, give him regards from K9ZW!


Steve K9ZW

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