Some Amateur Radio Publications I Read

I regularly read six amateur radio publications, though sometimes they pile up for a few issues before I “binge-read” the backlog  I’ve included one not exactly radio publication in the list as they have some regular ham content.

QST – published by the ARRL covers a lot of territory and I usually skim though cover to cover.  As an ARRL life member I have ongoing online access, so my once read issues are donated to retired hams.

Link is:

CQ – an independent amateur radio magazine that is a favorite read.  I’ll copy some articles to put in a future project file, and once read it goes to my retired friends.

Link is:

NCJ – National Contest Journal is another ARRL publication, though focused completely on contesting, I always page through each issue.  As my retired ham buddies are too old to contest they don’t get shared much.

Link is:

Electric Radio – this is a really cool magazine that I tend to save and binge read.  I’m a novice with the old radios they cover and I eventually read about 80% of the articles.  I’ll copy articles that are relevant to the boat anchors I own, and then these issues are prized by the retirees I pass issues onto.

Link is:

The Signal – a Collins Collectors Association publication it is a slick exceptionally well done Collins-only publication.  Again if something is useful for the radios I own the copy will be kept, but otherwise it gets passed around when I’ve read through.

Link is:

Nuts and Volts – is the non-ham magazine I simply enjoy for the articles and the regular ham content.  I’ve only built a handful of the projects they have written about, mostly from kits.  But I always learn something each issue.  These get passed along after I’ve copied anything I want to have on hand.

Link is:

There are other great publications but I’ve whittled back to this group as my radio reading content.



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