Thinking Ahead – Your Electronic Fingerprints as an Amateur Radio Operator

Another in the Thinking Ahead series started with

This post is pretty short and simple. Just like you leave fingerprints with your hand when you touch things, your radio(s) and voice leave identifiable “prints” that can be correlated with your actual identity.

Some links:

Catch the references to built-in watermarking at

Or if you want to catcha glimmer of the nearly SciFi end of Radio Fingerprinting check out the abstract at

I am unwilling to speculate how pervasive and agile modern day Radio Fingerprinting is, as what I now read as publicly available tools were perhaps highly classified and restricted tools 20-30-40 years back.

While the techniques deserve every protection, being that they are a part of our national defense, they also are only a sidebar to the stark reality that you voice, your “fist” and your radios all have fingerprints that identify them.

We’ll talk later on what to do to mitigate those fingerprints.



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