Rotator Power and Ethernet Protection

Sorting out some more loose ends – power for the Rotator and protection for the Ethernet runs.

I’ve using an AlfaSpid RAK Rotator that will perform very well on 24 vdc with an estimated 90 second 360 degree speed. As I will be controlling it with a 4o3a Rotator Genius, which is rated for much more pass-thru voltage, I needed to find the power supply to make the whole setup work. Link:

AlfaSpid RAK Rotator

So what to power the AlfaSpid RAK with?

I settled on an industrial unit, a Mean Well NDR-240-24 which inputs 96 to 240 vac and outputs 24 to 28 vdc (adjustable) with a 10 Amp rating.  Link:–240–24 though I ordered mine from Amazon.

Mean Well NDR-240-24 24 vdc 10 Amp Power Supply

Published testing of the AlfaSpid has shown a maximum draw of 8 amps when stalled, and a typical 4 amp maximum. I’m expecting the NDR-240-24 will fill the role. It is a DIN-rail mounted unit, and I will disappear it into one of the cabinets.

Protecting Ethernet CAT6e runs is a bit more interesting, as most “protectors” are basically quick-acting gas tube based couplers. I’d hope to find something that was grounded and wouldn’t mess up PoE provisioning, on the likelihood that I will add a camera at the tower. Some of the industrial units are a bit eye-watering price-wise, and as I’m not intending to spend many times the gear cost of what is being protected on a protector unit alone, I did more research on what devices others are using. In the end I am trying some of the Tupavco TP302 units, in their high speed and PoE enabled version.  Link: though again I purchased through Amazon.

Tupavco TP302 PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet Surge Protector

Like the other protectors I am putting in, one will only really know if they “do their duty well” with a nearby lightening strike. A straight on hit is going to fry things regardless of protectors, and there is no benefit to their standby presence.

Once everything is installed and working good, I may order some backup units to have on hand it something goes sketchy or takes a hit. Unlike the coax protectors with replaceable Gas Discharge Tubes, these Ethernet ones a one-shot units for the main.



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