Getting Ready for the Tower Bulkhead Build

The weather of course has turned, with a nice layer of ice and snow, winds and lower temperatures. So I am doing as much pre-work as possible in preparing the Tower Bulkhead.

First the remote switch gear. A 4o3a Antenna Genius 8×2 remote antenna switch has been prepared and partially configured for initial antenna array. As I will be working out in the cold/weather, I’ve made good use of a label maker to mark things.

Antenna Genius 8×2 Switch for the Tower Bulkhead

Between the Switch and the actual antennas are the Array Solutions AS302N protectors, mounted on a gang bar.

Ganged AS302 Suppressors

The remote router is a BV light industrial unit. Presently I am expecting only two connections, the sensor for the Rotator Genius and the Antenna Genius switch. But I will have room for more, and plan a camera down te road. If I can automate the tower via IoT I’ll make that change as well.

BV Router for Tower Bulkhead

Also trying to get a feel for rough layout. I’m thinking some 90 degree N-connectors might ease things a bit.

Checking out the Jumper Layout

Lots more to go, but it is a start.



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