Lightning Protection at the New K9ZW Home Station

Reality check – if your station takes a direct lightning strike it will be damaged.

Second reality check – it isn’t just a direct lightning strike that will do damage, and you can mitigate somewhat against these lesser issues.

So at the new K9ZW Home QTH I’m installing Lightning Arrestors with Static Bleed-Off capabilities.

Based on recommendations to use the design championed in the Industrial Communications Engineers (ICE) 300 Series coaxial arrestors, I’ve again selected an Array Solutions product, though this time with N-connectors.

The model is “AS-302N – 3kW CW / 5 kW PEP Coaxial Lightning Arrestor, N-type connectors, 1 to 500 MHz” and you can find it at

Array Solutions does UFH connector versions and some other variants.  I will be mounting these on the buss-bar system they offer.

Tim at FlexRadio Systems first mentioned the static bleed protection system as a benefit several years ago, and I have had the AS-302U versions in use at the K9ZW Work QTH station and former Home QTH station.  The units from the dismantled former Home QTH Station are destined for reuse at my Washington Island QTH whne the tower goes up in 2020.

You can read about the devices at:

I have some custom Polyphaser units for data and control cable protection. They are a different performance specification and I’m uncertain about whether they will handle static the same way as teh AS-302 units, but I’ve not found an alternative (yet).



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