An Excellent FT8 Guide by ZL2IFB

Gary Hinson G4IFB/ZL2IFB runs a pretty awesome website and has done an excellent job of producing an FT8 Guide available as a PDF.

I’m partway through rereading his guide and would recommend it to both new FT8 users and the experienced operator.

That Gary ZL2IFB writes in a very approachable style and covers some of the WSJT-X alternatives is really helpful.

The FT8 Guide is regularly updated, and the links should get you to the most current version. I’m hoping Gary ZL2IFB adds his thoughts and reviews of some of the other WSJT-X project “forks” where various hams have reworked the core of the WSJT-X code into their own interpretation of how the program could work best.

Perhaps he will add his thoughts on the FT8 addition to SmartSDR for iOS/iPad in a future version.

While FT8 is a bit of “ham radio lite” if you are going to do FT8 it is worth doing it well. Guides like Gary ZL2IFB’s work can help you understand the mode, setup and adopt best practices.





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