End of an Era – Former Main K9ZW Station Decommissioning

The K9ZW station options is down a station as the Manitowoc, WI QTH radios have been silenced & moved.

Cables were pulled a bit ahead of schedule by the electricians. That caught me a bit off guard as I had the rest of the station running & considered it viable when the feed lines and rotor lines were removed a week earlier than scheduled!

The antennas and tower are scheduled to come down next week, and basically everything being removed will be gone by Labor Day.

The LM-354HD crank-up tower with its pair of log periodics and sloper antenna will be inspected and serviced before heading to my Washington Island QTH for Spring 2020 installation. This LM-354HD is motorized and it received all new stainless cables about five years ago. The antennas are a Tennadyne T-8 (20m to 10m) bought new last year to replace one that succumbed to corrosion and lightening damages, a T-28 (6m to 1.3 gHz) also by Tennadyne, and a vintage W9INN Sloper (160m, 80m, 40m and 20m). It is set up with an AlfaSpid RAK rotator.

In its final months what I called the “Shepherd Lane Station” was down to a Flex-6300 and an Alpha-9500 amp. Both will go into my reserve/spare gear stash.

The Shepherd Lane Station had been in operation since 2002 and the tower went up in late 2006.  When the Shepherd Lane Station started the transceiver was a TenTec Pegasus and the antennas were a dipole & a GAP Titian DX.

Before our move to outside of the village of Branch (yes, that is the village’s name – Branch) the Shepherd Lane Station was upgraded in increments to a Flex-6700 (#11 built and 3rd delivered outside of FlexRadio Systems) and the Alpha-9500 at its peak.

Made a lot of QSOs from this station.

Currently I have one high-availability station – my “Work QTH Station” which is running a Flex-6600M and two intermittent stations.  The “Island QTH Station” on Washington Island is up when I am on the island as neither the electrical or internet reliability is good enough to leave the station running as it is present configured, and the “Branch QTH Station” is only up with temporary antennas at the moment.  With the new TM-370HD Skyneedle and Zero-Five vertical builds in progress the Branch QTH Station will become my second high-availability station late in the year.

Once the LM-354HD tower and Tennadyne/W9INN antennas go up on the Island in Spring of 2020 I’ll make alternative arrangements to sort out the issues keeping the QTH from being high-availability.

Thoughts are to have three high-availability stations running plus basically a station’s worth of spare gear on hand.



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