The Skyneedle and Flagpole Pours

Dropping Concrete

Foundations are poured. Actually happened a few days ago.

As usual the concrete was late, and the mix was dryer than expected. That does mean it will cure with a higher strength, but was more difficult to work with.

On the Skyneedle base things went quite well, with some unexpected movement in our rigging (a shim fell out during the process) keeping it from being “perfect.” Close enough that the usual shimming will work though.

The flagpole went very well, though getting the hole and form ready was a pain. As mentioned we had a layer of “field water” in a slurry about four foot down and ended up using a hydrovac service to put the form in. Along the way we swapped the cardboard Sonotube for a piece of 20 in diameter surplus PVC sewer pipe fearing the water would mess up the form before the pour was done. In Hydrovacing we hit a very solid layer of glacial till (stones that the glaciation deposited) at the seven foot depth, so despite the water it looks like the flagpole base is about as solid as it gets around here. We used a 20 inch augur to do the actual hole (I think the rental was $125).

The skidsteer mountable concrete pour-bucket was a homebrew one of the area farm fabricators built for their agricultural construction. We rented it for the day and it was a lot easier than using concrete buggies.

The flagpole base cure time is 2 weeks, so we could be flying our flags for Labor Day weekend. Will need some additional time to put it on-the-air as the radials need to be laid and the feedline conduit dug in.

The Skyneedle base needs at least an extra week of cure due to its dimensions, and will continue to cure out for many months afterwards. Present plans are to put the main tower up after September 9th. Hoping to have the power, control cables and feedlines already dug in by then.



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