The things we do to put up a tower – Rabid Raccoons and another Spring!

The things we put up with to put up a tower.

After many loads of stone, weeks of site work, yesterday we had a team member approached by a Rabid Raccoon and while auguring for a Sonotube (cardboard tube form) for a Zero-Five flagpole/antenna we hit a spring.

Mr Raccoon is obviously very diseased and quite aggressive. Team members were able to avoid him even when he was basically rushing them as they worked. Of course when I came out he headed out into the chest high corm, where I had neither the time nor the inclination to follow. We let our neighbors know and once we have Mr Raccoon trapped or dispatched, we will turn him over to Wildlife Wisconsin. Apparently there is a best practices on disposing of diseased wildlife to control the further spread.

The augur about 4 ft down hit what we first thought was a high drainage layer of water (the actual water table is far far deeper) but appears to be a spring instead.

It’s location was picked by yours truly and I shoved a stick into the ground to mark the spot. Guess that stick must have been a divining rod!

The thing we put up with when putting up a tower!



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