Remote Motorized Crank-Up Tower Controls – Well Made Homebrew with the Skyneedle

The second TM-370HD Sykneedle came with an interesting feature – a very professional looking homebrew remote for the crank-up motor system.

Tower Remote

Many motorized crank-up towers use limit switches controlling the motorized winch.

Mostly these switches are provided to turn the winch off before the tower hits a physical end of motion stop when cranking upwards.

The second Skyneedle has had relays and a remote system added to allow tower control from the shack, rather than the usual control position at the base of the tower.

I’m verifying and redrawing the circuit, which I will post later. My intention is to adapt the design for my other towers, provided it works well.

Inside the remote

What is interesting about this setup is the circuit indicators appear to initial indicate that the tower is in motion and secondly then indicate when it has hit a limit switch turning itself off.

The Skyneedle tower motor is single phase 240 vac, where the control is partially 110 vac and looks to drop the signaling voltage to 24 vac.

This Skyneedle’s feedline/rotor-cable standoffs have been modified with added cable cradles to better function unattended.

Modified stand-offs

I’m told the setup was homebrew, but if anyone knows more I’d like to know about it. Very nicely done in a period way. (The tower relay box will get photographed later when I have a good angle to get pictures.)



One thought on “Remote Motorized Crank-Up Tower Controls – Well Made Homebrew with the Skyneedle

  1. k9zw says:

    Received an email suggesting the builder of the control may have been John Lake WA9TIM.

    Uncertain if John WA9TIM is still with us, as his last known QTH was sold a few years ago and his addresses were not updated.

    Great work if it was his craftsmanship!



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