New radio room floor takes a shellacking (actually poly varnish)

Moving along getting the new radio  shack ready.

The 30 year old aged and weather “good” old plywood in this former workshops took a very different color than the new areas.

Much darker than the new plywood that was varnished earlier this summer.

Radio Room Floor in varnish


The smoky looking area is a patch of new plywood I experimented with staining to darken it to blend. That effort helped but basically was futile. I am thinking that the modern plywood glues won’t stain like the 30 year old stuff, and I gave up once I realized it was not worth the effort & time.

Three coats applied. Last was put down July 31st. I’ll pull the masking before the weekend and hope it is traffic ready next week.

The product I used in the end was a Minwax poly in semi-gloss. The same stuff they do pub floors with in England.  Figure if it is good enough to stand up to that traffic and the effect of ale, it is good enough for a radio room.

As a reminder, under the plywood is a vapor barrier and a layer of extruded polystyrene insulation over the original uninsulated concrete slab.  The old area is roughly 13-1/2 ft by 30 ft (my recent addition more than doubled the total workshop area) and all of the equipment has been relocated to the workshop expansion.

The higher wall cupboard closer on the right houses the cable entry.  The new fiber comes in there as well.  Power is 220 vac single phase and 110 vac, natural gas fired furnace (and gas fired toilet in the expansion area), seasonal water.



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