REPOST “With Varying Frequency” Technical and Housekeeping

REPOST from March 17th 2011 – any updates are in Brackets


Some thoughts on how “With Varying Frequency” runs:

Quoted Materials:

A kind person pointed out that a recent post was unclear in attribution, leaving the possibility that a reader wouldn’t know what was quoted and what I wrote, and they were right!

WordPress allows several tools to create Bog Posts, and I’ve been using several of them. One that is quite useful to share other web content, “Press It,” handles quoted material differently than expected – guess reading the directions before use would help!

Thanks to Todd (no call sign given) for the catch, and should be all fixed up.


As a general reminder, All Comments are Moderated.

Few, if any, comments where the comment’s author doesn’t give their Amateur Radio Call Sign, or fully identify themselves will be allowed to post.

Comments post unedited, excepting if asked by the author, if language demands it (we’re not cussing here, not happening….) or in the case of one regular commentator his spelling gets touched up as agreed with him.

Off topic comments, comments that fail the “Golden Rule Test” and nonconstructive comments don’t post. If I have written something that really upsets you, I know that WordPress will allow you to start your own Blog where you can help the world understand your views, but it doesn’t happen here.

It is really appreciated when commentators provide their call sign, or drop me a note directly. [I tend to add the comment’s author’s callsign if I can discern it.]

Spam Comments

The blogosphere is full of scripts running to post all sorts of rubbish as if they were blog post comments.

Though running all the tools available for this configuration of WordPress, an odd spam comment or two still makes it to review.

To the script authors of the Forty-Thousand plus spam comments [now well over 100,000 spam comments at the time of Reposting] that went into the filter, please take the editing and deletion very personally. It is not a very worthy calling in life to be a spammer.

Travels and that Four Letter Word “Work”

Part of the reason for learning to use the wider range of WordPress posting tools is to learn to post from the road. Work and Pleasure travel have provide the opportunity to use these tools from around the country and out of country. It is neat the way the world electronically is very small with the tools available.

That pesky four-letter word “Work” does limit things at times, and that is when “Press It” posts are moved from Drafts to Published Posts. Hopefully what catch my eye and was interesting, you’ll also enjoy.

Non-Amateur Radio Posts

Continuing with the policy of keeping these to a low count. Would it be I had the time to do more sharing of other technical interests, and general commentary. Don’t have it and as these other thoughts usually don’t fit in the theme here, well they get dropped.

Guest Posts

Always willing to discuss and arrange for quality amateur radio guest postings. Email me (I’m good at with your ideas if being a guest blogger interests you.


A select few posts from the archives are Reposted from time to time. In my first year roughly of posting, Tags were not implemented and in honesty I hadn’t earned the large readership that visits now. The best of these posts get lightly updated and Reposted now and then.

Bad Links

Please email me if you notice a link has expired. In some cases the reference is gone, sometimes a web archive copy is left, and sometimes a quick update can make a post useful again. Thank you to those readers who have let me know of dead links.

Those Sharp Opinions are All Mine

In the posts of more editorial tone – where my opinion on aspects of our hobby such as Emcomm, Freecom, Clubs, the ARRL Website or whatever – are posted the opinion expressed is all mine.

Your mileage may vary (YMMV) as they say.

Hopefully I provoke a meaningful discussion and thought process.

I do try to lay out a classic “Evidence leads to My Opinion” format and appreciate responses. comments and emails that do the same. “Think Deep and Think Often” is the goal.

It Has to be Fun

A friend often commented about Amateur Radio activities at a club I had belonged to, that in the end “It has to be fun” to keep involved.

In support of my share-back goal it still has to be fun for me to post.

Your feedback is always a nice thing to encourage a writer.

News is for News Websites

There are some awesome Amateur Radio News websites, and respecting the massive sustained efforts their excellent service provides the Amateur Radio internet community, I’m not doing news items.

Seems very silly to repeat what eHam, ARRL, QRZ, Southgate, RSGB and a host of other websites (not to mention email newsletters, lists and reflectors) have all ready passed along.

Unless I have an opinion or other added thought to make a post worthwhile, you won’t find many news type items here.


Nothing on the web is forever.

The rules in respect to this are a set of inverses – the more you want something on the web to disappear the more likely it will duplicate and live on, while the more you would like something to stay available the more likely it will **POP** disappear in a twinkling!

The intention is to have this blog continue, and I do not believe in a “reboot & start over” every couple months. WordPress has been great in allowing the blog to exist. If their model changes I’ll have to see what options are out there to put the material up in another form.

If you find something really useful make yourself a personal copy, and locally archive that copy.

Other than corrections of big mistakes pointed out to me and link updates, articles remain as originally posted. Reposts, or Update & Reposts, are titled to be clear.

The Economic Model

This project started as part a challenge when my youngsters said they didn’t think I could do it, greatly as a “share back” in appreciate to the Amateur Radio community, and because it is fun.

I don’t have a book to sell, a line of gear to sell. Not taking ad money or link money.

I do mention extra gear I am getting rid of, offering it to my loyal readership first. Expenses come out of my hobby money (the little roll of about eight-ten dollar bills & cup of pocket change in my sock drawer)!


If I wrote it, the copyright is mine.

If you want to quote/use my material talk to me.

Attributed fair use quotes for personal use are ok. I like students and haven’t refused a use request yet from a student.

Commercial reuse of my material must be discussed and is not pre-approved.

If a guest author wrote it, and those writings left in comments are copyright their authors, with an ongoing unrestricted license for my use of that material. With guest authors any reuse [of their material] I will attribute to them.

Who’s Responsible (You) and Who’s Not (Me)

It you aren’t happy, somehow hurt yourself, or blow up some gear, I am doing my best and specifically put it on you as a reader that you are personally responsible for any consequences.

Just like there is no expectation that you share your new DXCC award with me if my posts help you – as you had to actually use what you learned and put it to use – I can’t be responsible if a project or idea doesn’t work out for you.

I’ll gladly refund what you paid to me for your access to the information if you are unhappy – which is Zero, as access is free!

You are responsible for yourself and what you take away & try. You are also responsible to have Fun with it!

What started as a brief note on Todd’s (no call sign given) observation that quotes weren’t showing as quotes on “Press It” posts has ended up a long ramble. Thank you Todd and thank all of you for making this effort Fun!



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