Sourcing another TM-370HD Skyneedle

As we got the new QTH project on the road I learned that the TM-370HD Skyneedle tower I had stored went AWOL.

Very generously a friend had stored it in an equipment yard that suddenly sold, and the presumption is that it went into several storage trailers that are proving hard to get access to once they’d been moved off site.

Though I’m hoping the tower I had is found and returned to my control, I’m faced with a window of time to get a tower in place before the day’s become shorter and the weather changes.

I approached Tashjian Towers on a new Skyneedle, thinking that if I had to bite the bullet I’d go for the bigger TM-490 model. I learned that Skyneedles are usually made-to-order and while they could ship me a base sooner, it would be a four month lead time, plus shipping to have the tower on site.

Looking around I did find a ham who had a very nice TM-370HD in dry storage and who had just advertised it on’s Swap section. The best parts are the storage is only 250 miles away, I already have a brand new TM-370HD Base ready to install, and my new ham friend Roger WA9ZHP is a well of knowledge on everything about installing a Skyneedle.

After exchanging emails and phone calls the plan is to have the tower on site by mid-July. The base will go in in the next few weeks. Allowing a month of concrete cure time, it looks like a late August/early September tower raising.

Thinking the LM-354 tower coming down from my old QTH may end up at my Washington Island QTH if I cannot recovery my first TM-370HD fairly quickly.

Whatever tower goes to the Island has to have a special base fabricated due to the thin soil over high bedrock situation. Tashjian was great in providing information on handling the rock situation. And I have a brand new LM-type base in my warehouse.



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