Thoughts on older versions of SmartSDR

At the FlexRadio Community folks were discussing whether SmartSDR Version 1.x was going to see any feature additions (think not) and if you had to have an internet connection to run a FlexRadio (which is “no” other than upgrades or doing remote by SmartLink).

Here are my comments:

Quick summary:

  • Internet is need for version upgrades and for SmartLink
  • M-models are self contained (theirs is am embedded version of Windows BTW) and also only need the internet for version upgrades and for SmartLink.
  • You CAN take ANY Flex-6000 to the field (or ANYWHERE off the Internet) provided you provision a LAN or direct connection from the operating device (PC, Tablet or iProduct) that is not internet dependent.

Again the only time you need the internet is for version upgrades and for SmartLink.

I regularly operate a Flex-6700 with a PC/Maestro/iProduct at my Island QTH where the internet bluntly sucks. Because the internet there is so poor I usually bring the Radio and Maestro off-island to use solid internet for updates.

SmartSDR (Windows/iOS/Maestro/M-Model) in LAN operation NEVER requires the internet. But SmartLINK always does.

Again SmartSDR Version 1.x while not depreciated is in the maintenance-only phase of its life cycle. I’m thinking SmartSDR Version 2.x has also enter that phase. The Pre-Release SmartSDR Version 0.x I think is depreciated.

You do not HAVE to use the features of a higher level of SmartSDR to benefit from the code improvements. So often people post they are not going to move to the latest version because they have no need for the major feature the new version offers. I’m thinking they largely miss the opportunity to gain all the improvements they would benefit from even if they never use the “big feature” that was added.

Interesting stuff – the move to version 2.4.9 to 2.5.1 is a biggie, as version 2.5.1 truly is “Version Two and a Half” transitioning to a subset of the Version 3 code. While some folk seem to find this an “issue for their knee-jerk complaints” I’m seeing this as providing a long term way to support Version 2 rather than depreciating that level.

It doesn’t seem very likely Version 1 or Version 2 will gain any significant new features, and unless something happens that makes Version 1 not to run (unlikely at the radio end, but at the GUI Windows end something might change making that happen) one doubts that Version 1 will see any changes.

I could have some of this wrong, and to stave off the usual comments I don’t work for FRS and I cannot speak for them. I’m commenting by looking at the same information you all are.



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