Interesting Canadian Call Signs – VE0 Prefix

About a week ago I worked a someone unfamiliar Canadian call sign – one that started with VE0

Learned that this is a series of call issued to “Stations at Sea” – one of less than 600 calls issued in this group.

With more research I also found there is a lot of information in the wiki article on Canadian Call Signs   The most uncommon prefix is VY9 where there are just five call signs issued!

A quick summary Table:

Prefix(es) – Province/Territory
VE1 VA1 – Nova Scotia
VE2 VA2 – Quebec
VE3 VA3 – Ontario
VE4 VA4 – Manitoba
VE5 VA5 – Saskatchewan
VE6 VA6 – Alberta
VE7 VA7 – British Columbia
VE8 – Northwest Territories
VE9 – New Brunswick
VE0 – Stations at sea (hams would seem to have a regular call sign as well)
VO1 – Newfoundland
VO2 – Labrador
VY1 – Yukon
VY2 – Prince Edward Island
VY9 – Government of Canada
VY0 – Nunavut
CY0 – Sable Is.
CY9 – St-Paul Is.

All interesting stuff about our good friends to the north!



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