MAKE: Magazine – publisher is having difficulties

The very ham-friendly MAKE: Magazine – where ideas like “maker space” and maker faire” took traction, is in a bit of a struggle.

Following a tip-off from Jeff KE9V, an article explaining the economic woes can be found at:

I’ve been a MAKE: Magazine subscriber almost all of the magazine’s publishing existence (I think I came on about issue 3 or 4, and did miss a couple issues in the 2008/9 era, but I think I may have had all the issues at one point or another.) The Magazine’s link is:

We got our introductions to the Raspberry Pi through MAKE: Magazine, and broadened our understanding of 3D Printing.

Sometime my children and I made projects, often we used ideas for projects of our own, and almost always I review the tools sections looking for new tools.

The magazine has also been a favorite gift subscription that we liked to give.

The announced forward plan is to keep the servers and store open, and hoping to keep the MAKE: Magazine in print, while licensing the Maker Faire project to worthy candidates.

I don’t know what it takes to do a magazine at the 110,000 subscriber mark, but I’m kind of thinking that a good portion of their peak 30+ person team was not doing the magazine. Given the rebuild-team’s focus on the Magazine & Faire Licensing I’m wishing them every success.

The new focus will hopefully build a financially robust model that will keep the spirit of the Maker going!



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