REPOST: Freecom, our Real Communications Friend in Time of Emergency?

REPOST from Feb. 2nd, 2009

When the chips are down, and full Emcomm is running, how will “we, the people” maintain communications?

Emcomm will rightfully be busy providing the communication support to Government & Served Agency activities.

Our ongoing information needs – the life questions that are not priority traffic, but need to be handled to provide social continuity – will need another conduit.

Enter “Freecom” the unregulated social network of Amateur Radio.

Freecom would operate passing traffic & providing bulletins of information of interest to Amateur Radio, but without the infrastructure & overhead of traditional Emcomm.

If a citizen wants to know how to treat their sick poultry, which is in no way an Emcomm class of information request, a Freecom net would get the request out of the disaster area to someone knowledgeable about poultry, and return the reply.

If a citizen needs to know what alternate spark plugs would get their vehicle back up, in case a secondary evacuation was needed, Freecom Nets would be able to respond.

Freecom would be something more than Laize Faire  random ham QSOs, and could operate much like the various social & rag-chewers nets.

Do you see a role for Freecom and how would you implement a Freecom ideal?



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