Hamvention 2019 – What new happened?

Between work and the endless process of settling in after moving house, I couldn’t schedule attending Hamvention 2019. So what I’ve reporting is what I’ve gathered from friends who did attend.

The conjectures and ponderings are my own though.

Outside the Flea Market is down 8.5% from the number of vendors in 2018, and down to a bit over 2/3rds of the vendors is 2016).

Inside over 200 vendors appeared, but that again is a 4% drop in commercial vendors from 2018, and a 19% drop from 2016):

Hamvention 2019 – Indoor


New Radios/Products:

  • Elecraft K4 (announced availability late Q4 2019)
  • FlexRadio – multiLink (available now)
  • Yaesu FT-3D HT (announced as “available shortly”)
  • Several Chinese HF rigs
  • Several small SDR-receivers in a pocket radios
  • A few updated SDR transceivers from smaller firms
  • A fully assembled solid state amp marketed by DX Engineering

Missing Vendors:

  • Apache Labs/Annan Radio (they had a double both in 2018, and a triple booth in 2017)

Some Honorable High Points:

Several Vendors helped Elecraft by moderating leaked announcements of their K4 radio, respecting the marketing efforts of a friendly & honorable competitor.

Ham club of the year NARS N1FD includes NE1RD, with whom I’ve corresponded for years.

The take from afar is Hamvention 2019 was a year where the buzz was a bit more subdued.

Some pretty neat radios first promoted a year ago were available, which is always cool.

FlexRadio’s major enhancement of multiLink was seen by thousands of hams and is currently available.

The Elecraft K4 was a prototype and Elecraft joins the significant deposit/prepayment trend taking payments for radios to be delivered when available six months or so down the road.

Please add your Hamvention-2019 finds/observations in the comments.



One thought on “Hamvention 2019 – What new happened?

  1. John Mcgrath KF6EFG says:

    I went both Saturday and Sunday, and the show seemed a bit more subdued this year. There were not any major announcements from the vendors, and ‘show’ prices were not really any better than the internet prices available.

    There was plenty of activity, but it didn’t seem to have the excitement of previous years.

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