The True Power of multiFlex SmartSDR

There is an excellent explanation of the true power of Multiflex by Gerald Youngblood, K5SDR, at the 2019 Hamvention here:

The original post by Neal K3NC is at:

If you listen carefully like a “Pro” (hint, hint) you might catch Gerald K5SDR sharing something from his vision of where multiFlex will take SmartSDR.

Gerald also speaks a bit about the audio he is listening to, which makes me wonder if he is again doing something novel not yet revealed in GA (General Availability) SmartSDR? I listened a couple times and I am not sure.

A few folks have mentioned that the Elecraft K4 radio might have something like multiFlex when it comes out the end of the year, but reading those specifications if looks like it is a “multi-listen” capability rather than the two radios in one box multiFlex. While I like Elecraft and had considered buying a K3S at one point (the 6400M/6600M were announced, so I bought a Flex-6600M instead) the K4 seems much like a de-featured Flex-6400M at a higher price point.

One thing that does seem certain with multiFlex v3.0 only weeks old, that all of potential for multiFlex isn’t explored! Not even scratched!



One thought on “The True Power of multiFlex SmartSDR

  1. Thanks for the posting…Bill did a great interview for the podcast.,

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