We are all Kings in the Ham hobby

Interestingly our hobby has a number of self-anointed scoundrels who imagine themselves as Ham Kings.

Hams who imagine themselves King….hmm?

Often we thing of these folks usually as distorted personalities fed by economic success in commerce who in twisted logic believe that success anointed them in every aspect of their life, or weasels who have found a way to become a gatekeeper in some aspect of a hobby.

Reality is we ALL are Kings in this Hobby!

There is no monopoly or limits to the total amount of cooperation & participation in Ham Radio.

And there is no rational claim of equality those who cannot communicate by Ham Radio can make against the licensed Ham.

We might put a non-ham on the air, but it is subject to our granting them the opportunity.

In some places ham radio equipment vendors try to avoid ham equipment falling into non-ham hands.  I’ve been unable to confirm the claims that it may be illegal to own ham radio gear without a license in some countries.  Those claims may have been more cold war situations about communications with what the licensing country felt were adversaries of their state.

If you can get yourself on the air, you are a King compared to those who cannot get on the air or who are unlicensed.

If you can build you own gear from scratch perhaps you are more than just a King.

It’s all good!





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