Some Flex-6000 SmartSDR version 3 Plans

Soon FlexRadio will be releasing SmartSDR version 3.0 which brings multiFlex to the table.

The game changer is multiFlex allows a radio to be shared between instances.  Out the gate two users can locally or remotely operate the same radio.

Management of the suddenly complex situation is the multiFlex part of the equation.   If you’re a techie the Flex-6000 acts as a radio server dishing out data in VITA-49 packets with Flex extensions much along the way serious communications gear interact.  Think avionics or military type scenarios, where gear simply has to work with other manufacturers gear in mission critical situations.

Well maybe not quite that dramatic, but seriously clever and techie.

At the level I am going to discuss my plans you might be better off envisioning each Flex-6000 as a media server and each actual user instance as just another TV on a big home media system.  Perhaps like your dish setup.

What multiFlex changes is allowing more than one user instance to be hooked to one Flex-6000. –  along the lines of letting more than one TV access one of your media servers.

The permutations of possible connections gets complex quickly in numbers, whether each instance has to share one set of media or if they have independent access, and which instance is in control.

Initial roll out is two instances, that while coordinated are separate from each other.

That is expected to change as FRS has suggested a mentoring mode where two instances share essentially the same experience (though the actual data maybe highly correlated instance-identified parallel data streaks).

I’m hopeful for more multiFlex capabilities down the road.

With the announced v3 initial capabilities my thoughts are to group two of my operations (Flex-6000 plus antennas) and the third operation (the Island Flex-6700) when physically present on the Island together operating them as one “Virtual Station” using SmartLink and multiFlex to allow live comparison operations.

So if I’m interested in contacting a certain DX station, I’ll be able to to A/B comparisons (A/B/C if I’m operating the Island station) to select my optimal station(s).  Yes plural on stations as it would be possible to operate receiving and transmitting from different stations.

Years ago I wrote about combining these signals to act as a sort of wide-area diversity array, but I’m thinking that would need a third party to create the needed software.

To a limited extent I may let friends use an instance in certain situations.

Currently my Flex-6000 cluster will be a Flex-6300 with a multi band vertical located at my work, a Flex-6700 with several antenna choices at the new QTH, another Flex-6700 with several antennas at the island QTH, and briefly a fourth “Station D” position of a Flex-6600M with a LPDA at the old QTH which remains operating until I pull the station down.

in chart form

  • Station A – new home QTH, Flex-6700
  • Station B – work QTH, Flex-6300
  • Station C – Island QTH, Flex-6700
  • Station D – old home QTH, Flex-6600M (temporary hopefully)

Now to to add to the fun I’ve laid in an Antenna Genius for each QTH and will have increasing stations with Power Genius amps.

I have an idea to replace Station D down the road, particularly if I can find a way to combine signals.  Station C may go 24/7 365 if the island fiber gets up and running.  Presently I’m fighting with unreliable aDSL and separately unreliable mains power at the island.




2 thoughts on “Some Flex-6000 SmartSDR version 3 Plans

  1. Bill W2PKY says:

    Perhaps a Tesla Solar Wall to keep the radios up on the Island shack?

    • k9zw says:

      Where the Island is challenging is control – often when the power goes out the internet cuts out too. One depends upon some connectivity to monitor & control the situation.

      The electrical costs are significant there as well, along with the environmental conditions.

      While I’ve not ruled a Tesla Wall out, it’s not the lead in my evaluations for durable power.

      But we’re thinking the same way considering it!



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