Another Kind of Radio Room Windows

Did a major update in the radio room/workshop upgrading from Windows version 1.0 to the 2019 Windows version 2.0

Started with replacement of just one that had been physically damaged over the years, and had been on my list when we bought the property.

The thermal performance of the two that were replaced yesterday was obviously suspect. That was something I didn’t learn until our first winter.

The last two windows we’re either completely new being added in the last several months or was a new style window added a few years back before we bought the property.

The opening once the original window was removed.

A New Window during installation

An interesting unexpected adverse effect of the window replacement is a profound attenuation of WiFi signals through the windows. I’ve had some temporary gear in use bridging the main house to radio room distance by WiFi pending the pull of the new fiber interconnection. The buried conduit is there, but winter weather delayed the fiber installation.

I’d found that a paired AMPLIFI router was a serviceable WiFi connection provided it was held above the original window frames and had an unimpeeded line of sight to the main house.

Not so with the new windows. The AMPLIFI interconnection is just as rock solid with the window open, but close the window and the effect of the glass is to attenuate the signal by more than 9 dB. Really not a useful signal leftover.

A curious phenomena.

The underground fiber will remedy the problem but if I was stuck without the underground I’d need to configure an outside WiFi antenna to bridge the distance.

And as a full disclosure this Windows upgrade was professionally done, and did our builders make it look easy!



2 thoughts on “Another Kind of Radio Room Windows

  1. Ross Stenberg K9COX says:

    When I read this I just assumed you were talking about the Windows operating system and thought wow!

    • k9zw says:

      Ah those computer Windows early days…. thought my portable Columbia-MPC with a n ungraded processor and extra memory was just the “bee’s knees” because it ran DOS 3.11, a couple flavors of CPM/MCPM and luxuriously Windows…..

      Travelled abroad with it and a huge step-down transformer. And it gave way quickly to something that could properly run Windows, but at the expense of losing the CPM capabilities.

      In my radio room situation the original windows were about the same vintage as the first computer Windows releases.

      That you for stopping by and reading!



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