Workshop Progress, Bits of News, and Travel

Made a quick run to England – always a pleasant place to visit. Downside was missing out on several contests. Upside was an excellent trip.

Used the potential drying time over by travel absence to finish the floor coating on the expansion part of the workshop.

Second coat is down

Now if I can get the electrician back to finish their work I’m ready to move forward.

Learned that Jeff KE9V has again suspended his radio weblog. Jeff KE9V is very creative and writes with style. If you can find a copy of his podcast series Cornbread Row, a very radio themed SciFi story, I think you’ll like it. Every couple years Jeff pulls down, changes delivery methods or ends whatever web presence he had been working on. Seems like April 2019 was his time for another transition.

Lots of other progress made here on various projects but nothing complete enough to highlight yet.



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